About Savoo.ca

Savoo.ca is where where the internet’s best coupon codes, printable deals, and local offers go to live in peace and harmony. We hand-test our deals and search for new ones daily to ensure your discounts are always fresh. We also work with thousands of retailers to bring you offers you can’t find elsewhere. To start saving, search for your favourite store or brand at the top and click the deal you want to redeem. If there’s a discount code, just enter it on the store’s checkout page to save. Whatever you’re looking to buy, our Deal Experts can help. High prices won’t know what hit them.

About Savings.com

Savoo.ca is the latest member of the Savings.com family. Based out of the United States and the United Kingdom, we operate sites in 10 countries in total. We work tirelessly to maintain great relationships wherever we set up shop, and we’re pleased as punch to work with retailers, partners, and affiliates in the Great White North.